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C++/SW Architect - building structures SW (full remote)

Aktualizováno: 16. 11. 2022


Be part of the SW development center for structural engineering products. SW helps to calculate hi-tech building structures such as skyscrapers, bridges, stadiums.

We are looking for senior C++ engineer/Architect willing to join a 3 member design team, to look after best practices and create proof of concepts. The challenge will be the transition to the cloud (MS Azure), a new data server, a new 3D scene, or GPU computing

Work remotely or join the team in Prague or Brno.

Main areas of responsibilities

1. Define design patterns and software design practices

Coach software engineers in the application of best practices of software design
Establish and implement the design and coding guidelines
Actively organize and participate in the internal training and knowledge-sharing events within the software engineering community

2. Drive technological innovation to serve customer convenience and business growth;

Explore, clarify and demonstrate the opportunities for technological innovations
Implement R&D projects (Proof of Concept)
Initiate and contribute to continuous improvement events and innovation

3. Take ownership and drive the technology roadmap and software architecture for existing product

Define, plan and implement, in collaboration with the architecture board, the technology roadmap, in support of company’s business drivers and objectives.
Provide quality assurance and control on the effectiveness and implementation of the technology roadmap and development framework for our existing product.
Contribute to the solution design of product development and technology projects.
Coach and support (e.g., through pair programming and design/code review) software engineers in the proper implementation of the desired software architecture

Your experience and know-how

At least 5 years of experience in software development C++ and/or QT
Previous experience with Software Architecture
Experience in adopting of external libraries and frameworks, including those available from Open Source communities
Experience in migrating legacy software applications (e.g. to cloud)
Knowledge of the latest and emerging technologies related to SW development

R4U s.r.o.
Štěpán Záhorský
Telefon: 733 737 266

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