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For candidates

We will find you a job you will love

We know it is not easy but we have already succeeded many times. We also know finding a job you will love is important and worth investing time and energy. Each candidate is unique to us.

Should you search for a new job with us, we will always inform you in detail and in time about the news, give you detailed feedback and provide advice throughout the selection process.


Our clients are leading international and Czech employers

All the potential employers we cooperate with are verified companies. We have cooperated with most of them for many years. We know their needs and possibilities and we can effectively guide you through the whole selection process.


Passion, satisfaction and good name

These are the three things that we consider the most important when it comes to our work. Passion might be a strong word but without it we would hardly have such good results. Equally, it is our experience that the best result of cooperation is when everyone is happy; the employer, candidate and us. We also know that on the journey to such win-win-win solution, we will meet a lot of people and companies, maybe your future employers. We do our best to spread your good name among all of them.


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Tel.: +420 246 086 079 - 80
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