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Aktualizováno: 01. 01. 2015

  • Assure that agreed business setups are updated in the systems;
  • Follow-up, analyze and take actions to continuously improve supplier delivery performance and assure goods are shipped in time from suppliers.
  • Define the signal level for capacity exceptions and working towards exceptions.
  • Identify, implement and maintain the best logistical offer at the sales place from suppliers by working actively with replenishment solutions, lead times to make sure goods reaching the store with lowest possible cost
  • Secure correct supply information to and from supplier and the company in such quality that it can be used directly towards the customers;
  • Work closely with company’s suppliers to provide them with relevant training and working methods, in order to support their development to the required performance levels;
  • Lead, encourage and support supplier with SDP way of working that Supplier takes ownership for its own logistic development
  • Proactively work with alarm /early warning systems to detect and prevent deviations from goals;
  • Actively contribute for best set-up of news / outgoing / activity items;
  • Daily troubleshooting and at the same time find solutions to avoid similar future problems.

Úspěšný kandidát prošel assessment centrem a pak dalšíma dvěma pohovory. Poslední kolo absolvoval u dodavatele našeho partnera. Kandidát nastoupil v prosinci 2014.

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