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Product Manager

Aktualizováno: 01. 12. 2014

  • Market Understanding:

Assess opportunities by understanding market sizes, segmentations, & trends through Research, VOC, ODI & Focus Grosstudies, competitive SWOT analysis & other methods. Support market forecasting & calibration.

  • Customer Needs Understanding:

Analyze customer’s product requirements, inputs, & feedbacks and translate customer needs (from multiple regions and customer segments) into value offerings. Support actions to ensure current and new products continuously meet and exceed these customer requirements

  • Product Marketing:

Support new product commercialization. Lead & manage the development of sales support materials (including technical specification) for assigned products to ensure products are fully supported with literature, new product lunch packages, product phase-in / phase-out, sales tools, web page content and product differentiation support materials. Provide Regional Sales & Marketing Gross with continuously updated competitive value selling material and conduct sales training as needed.

Support Multi-Generation Product Plans (MGPP) working with distribution, engineering, purchasing and integrated supply chain.

  • Product Management:

Support product management activities that stimulate the introduction of new products utilizing new and / or emerging technologies providing strategic and competitive advantage. Support development and buy & resell efforts to insure prime cost objectives are met.
Identifying product “costout” opportunities while meeting customer specifications.
Provide support to the engineering, sales and Integrated Supply Chain organizations within NPI and VAVE processes. Balance the Leeds of the market with the capabilities, competencies and resources of the Company and the Thermo King Sector.

Vybraný kandidát prošel 5 kolovým výběrovým řízením. Naše engineering tým doporučil celkově 3 kandidáty.

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