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Account Manager – průmyslová automatizace

Aktualizováno: 01. 02. 2015

  • Develop effective business relationship with the accounts within the specific industrial segments through understanding their organization, developing a business relation with senior management, identifying key decision - makers and understanding their business, strategy and directions.
  • Develop and implement a customer focused sales strategy based on the company‘s strategy and all relevant customers’ information to optimize business opportunities.
  • Develop effective business relationship to all key players involved in the project supplier chains to increase the Company chance for participation in the projects.
  • Utilizing a pre-defined project pursuit methodology including opportunity qualification and screening, sales team assignments, communications planning, sales strategy development, executive management involvement and reporting proposal planning, competitive analysis, customer business analysis, risk analysis and mitigation, and pursuit success probability.
  • Represent the company on a professional and efficient manner, whilst maintaining, manage and expanding existing business streams.
  • Understands business models and how they can exploited, including the interpretation of financial statements.
  • Understands market development in the specific industrial segments, key drivers, legal environment and dependency. Understands the relations to the key players and influence from/to the other industrial segments.

Vybraný kandidát absolvoval 2. kola. Celkově naše agentura doporučila 5 obchodníku z oboru automatizace.

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