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Commodity Leader

Aktualizováno: 01. 06. 2015

  • Lead the commodity procurement to achieve variable cost productivity, cash flow, and controllership goals. Lead the supplier selection, qualification, development, and overall supplier management, including managing the entire contract life cycle from Request for Proposal to supplier exit
  • Balance strategy development with the tactical execution necessary to execute cost reduction projects through contract negotiation, process changes, and implementation of sustainable cost controls, including collaboration with Finance to validate the impact of projects and contract negotiations to the general ledger
  • Develop technical and market expertise in commodity area
  • Create and enforce business policies to meet business targets and customer needs, including improving procurement processes and optimizing * * * Sourcing resources to enhance the customer experience with Sourcing
  • Closely monitor supplier performance to plan and work with the suppliers to manage any required recovery plans / actions
  • Coordinate with factories to ensure supply meets any and all demand requirements
  • Hold weekly reviews with suppliers
  • Conduct Capacity Audits, track any Red Flags that impede supplier performance and control revisions at Suppliers

Vybraný kandidát prošel dvěma výběrovými koly. Jednalo se o seniorskou roli v nákupu. Celkově R4U doporučila 2 kandidáty.

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